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Reinventing farming and food post-globalisation

via Financial Times (FT) Film

The FT's global business columnist Rana Foroohar believes globalisation has failed. In the first of three films based on her new book, 'Homecoming: the path to prosperity in a post-global world', she takes a trip across the US to see how neoliberal economic thinking has broken our food supply chains — and what can be done about it.

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The Farm Bill Has Expired and Rural America Hangs in the Balance

via Barn Raiser Media

While Republicans in the House of Representatives narrowly averted running the government off a cliff at the end of September, their reckless brinksmanship left rural America in a ditch by failing to reauthorize the farm bill.

The stakes for rural America could not be higher.

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Regional farmers and growers benefit from CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen

via KOMU

A grant from the Missouri Department of Agriculture will help farmers and growers package their food for distribution through the CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen.

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California poultry farm gets thousands of turkeys ready for the Thanksgiving table


Buttonwood Farm in California has been gearing up for its busiest season of the year, with some of the turkeys still gobbling one week before Thanksgiving.

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Root Cellar awarded $588,000 by the USDA

via Columbia Missourian

Root Cellar, a local food market that serves Columbia, Jefferson City and Ashland, has received a large three-year grant through the Local Food System Collaboration by the United States Department of Agriculture, according to a news release. The awarded amount totals $588,000.

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Paul Pepper: Ginny Wallace, Columbia Weavers and Spinners' Guild & Chelsea Davis, Root Cellar

via KBIA

Find out what it means to be a "food hub" with Root Cellar co-owner CHELSEA DAVIS!

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Local farm-to-table grocery store receives 3-year USDA grant

via KOMU

Root Cellar, a farm-to-table grocery store with locally sourced products, has been awarded a 3-year Local Food Promotion Program grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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