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How a couple of farm kids from Southwest Missouri became change-makers

After high school, Chelsea & Jake moved from family farms to Columbia to pursue an education and build professional careers in agriculture. Somewhere along the way, they discovered that the conventional food system was leaving farmers poorer, consumers sicker, and the land they love in shambles, so the pair set out to fix it.

While building a first-generation farm near Millersburg, the couple experienced the challenge of getting what they grew to market. To help create the link between farmer and customer, in 2011, they bought Root Cellar, a local food fixture in downtown Columbia, and began innovating.  Launching a Local Food Subscription before subscriptions were cool and cultivating relationships across the state. Over a decade later, Chelsea & Jake are nationally recognized as food system changers.

Changing How You Get Food

Looking at your weekly grocery bill, you might think farmers are living on easy street. However, the industrial food system only pays farmers 15 cents for every dollar you spend at a big-box grocery store. 

This unfair system rewards corporate retailers, marketing agencies, and Wall Street at the expense of FARMERS, COMMUNITIES, and YOUR HEALTH. 

This squeeze on farmers' bottom line often results in poor land management and environmental harm. 

Root Cellar is changing this unfair and unhealthy food system by putting FARMERS AND YOU ahead of corporate agribusiness. 

We pay farmers FAIR PRICES for their products, assuring them a future on their farms.

Changing the Grocery Experience

A small market making a big impact in our community.

The aisles of ultra-processed foods, confusing labels, and self-checkout of the corporate grocery experience can often be overwhelming. At Root Cellar, what lands on the shelf reflects the values of our region's family farmers and changes with the seasons. There is always a friendly sales associate a few steps away to share recipes, and they’ll even help you to your car with your haul.

We curate local farm fresh provisions in our cozy storefront without the hustle and bustle of big-box shopping.

SO STOP BY ROOT CELLAR AND SUPPORT FAMILY FARMERS. All it takes is putting your money where your mouth is.

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Support family farmers

Root Cellar works with over 80 farmers and food artisans from across the state of Missouri and just beyond our borders. The journey of every bite distributed by Root Cellar begins with their hard work.
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